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Motor vehicle offices face fixing thousands of records

It is thousands of records rejected by the new motor vehicle system and the painstaking process of identifying and entering them into computers thats keeping those wait times to sometimes hours.Kansas Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite addressed Shawnee County Commissioners today about the long list of variables in what some might describe as a complex computer system upgrade gone wrong.

Electric Motor Which Makes The Working Of The Electrical More Efficient ,3M is the company behind the technology and the Kansas Department of evenue is its customer,so it has to wait for fixes through 3M.Each county also received a different level of training and some have fewer employees to handle the workload.Information from the old system did not convert to the new system and treasurers from two counties say these transactions take the most time.

When we converted to this new system it checked every VIN number that we converted over and it stopped at some and said no this is not a correct VIN number and it would kick it out Shelite said.We have about 73,000 records across the state that did not convert.We are looking at that right now to see what we can do Shelite said.Shelite said about 150 unconverted records were found in Shawnee County just for May and June.They are attempting to identify the unconverted records for each county in hopes of figuring out a way to fix it in the upcoming months.

State Senator Laura Kelly attended this mornings commission meeting and has requested the Kansas Legislative Post Audit Division conduct a full review of the states new motor vehicle system.Authorities were initially preparing to evacuate a nearby apartment building due to concerns of a possible explosion,however firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze before that was necessary,the lieutenant said.The fire appeared to have been caused by a malfunction of the motor home and not the gas pump,Smith added.Fabian Oton and girlfriend Rosa Juarez said they lost their home and all their possessions in the fire.After gassing up,Oton said he tried to start the motor home.It wouldn't start.I tried to start it again.When I tried to start it the third time,I saw smoke coming out of the engine from the passenger side

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