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« Sidi’s contribution to Motor Sports recognisedSpeedway has fast start »

Kinetic to manufacture new gearboxes

"We have two very important programmes which are ready to role out. We have finished the developments in the last 18 months," Sulajja Firodia Motwani, vice chairperson, Kinetic Engineering, told IANS

Sidi’s contribution to Motor Sports recognised. It's a new platform which will be launched. And a second new completely assembled gearbox for Mahindra Navistar trucks which will roll out in the next two-three months," Motwani said on the sidelines of a FICCI event. The company did not divulge the investments made for the products, but said existing facilities and synergies were utilised in developing the new offerings.According to Motwani, the company is focusing on bring in new technologies in the powertrain and transmission segments in the next few months because the Indian markets is changing. "Our focus is on the transmission (segment) and we do hope to bring out new technologies in this areas. And in the next few months you may see some new announcement." Bullish on the Indian automobile market, she said, "Indian auto industry remains a very attractive markets for us. We mainly serve segments like two wheelers, three wheelers and commercial vehicles which are growing quite well."

On the Nano project in which the company supplies the complete shaft, gears and transmissions components to Tata Motors, Motwani said the company had been invited to quote for the diesel version of the car. "Nano is growing well and we are very bullish on the car. We have been invited to quote on the diesel Nano as well."

The company had invested Rs.60 crore for setting up a component line for the Nano at its Ahmadnagar facility. "We are supplying from Ahmadnagar. We had discussed with Tata Motors for a potential assembly unit in Sanand. Discussion are still on."

On exports, the company said its main markets in US and Europe have stabilised after the free fall of 2008-09. "I would say it (exports) went through a difficult period in 2008-09, but exports have been stabilised now," added Motwani.

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