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Kawasakis motor impressive

For as much as Munenori Kawasaki idolizes his Mariners teammate and countryman, Ichiro, he emulates him not at all.Extroverted as Ichiro is introverted, clownish as Ichiro is serious, Kawasaki Sunday was hailed as equally as the national hero by the sellout Tokyo Dome crowd even a little more.Maybe it was because the 30-year-old backup infielder did a little more a double, against a single by Ichiro. Maybe it was because the eighth-inning two-bagger was unexpected.Unexpected nearly has been his nickname throughout spring training. Signed as a minor league free agent,  Kawasaki seems to have made the final roster not only on talent, but personality, which also was on display after the game, a exhibition loss to the Hanshin Tigers of Japan's Central League.

Bergenfield police charge three following motor vehicle crash, Kawasaki said loudly in the post-game interview room, beaming as he exhausted most of his English vocabulary in front of a large contingent (is there another kind of Japanese media. I enjoy myself now.Mariners manager Eric Wedge was next to to him at the table, upon which he slammed his palm after Kawasaki's exultation, smiled and said equally loudly,Yes Since the game outcome didn't count for anything, giddiness was not misplaced, and in fact is irresistible when it comes to Kawasaki.He's been fantastic all spring,said Wedge.He did what he had to do to make the club. And he gives us a lot more than just on the field.

Beside hitting .387 in the spring with 10 RBIs and an Kawasaki has the kind of motor Wedge loves, even if he doesn't understand the sounds it makes.I am surrounded by great players and great staff Kawasaki said through an interpreter.I can stay something stupid in Japanese and they always are there for me. I am so proud to be a part of this baseball team.

He replaced Dustin Ackley at second base in the sixth inning, but probably is going to see more action during the season at his primary position, shortstop, backing up Brendan Ryan. A member of Japan's 2006 World Cup championship team as well as a member of the 2008 Olympic team, Kawasaki was well known and popular in Japan but a variety of injuries and illnesses have compromised his career.

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