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Air motors better suited for tools

Truro Motor Club hold charity treasure hunt, on June 1, introduce a new range of hand-held tools that make use of turbo air motors, which are better suited as a drive for standard air tools than electric motors.An air motor has a high-performance density, which is only about one-fifth of the mass and one-third of the size of an electric motor.

The industrial air tools range, manufactured by Deprag Industrial, a subsidiary of Germany-based machine building company Deprag Schultz, comprises turbine and vane motors and includes grinding machines from the smallest grinder with a speed of to a heavy-duty angle grinder with a grinding disc diameter of 230 mm and polishing machines suitable for polishing and grinding flat or curved surfaces.Further, the range includes drilling machines that range from hand-held drills in a pistol design to an extensive series of drilling machines in straight design and angle drills for the steel industry.

M6 to M36 impact wrenches for fast and easy handling when loosening or tightening screw joints in series, hammers that range from chisel hammers for sculptors to high-power jackhammers for road building or quarries, pliers and sheet-metal machines are also included.The grinding range consists of a grinding machine with turbine technology, which ensures optimal power density.Our 125 mm angle grinder offers 2.2 kW of power, while similar-sized conventional electric motor tools provide only 1 kW of power,” says D&D sales manager Johan Janse van Rensburg.

The turbine grinding machine features a 125-mm-diameter grinding disc and weighs 1.8 kg.It also has a 14 mm spindle thread, which enables users to use the wheels on an electrical or on a turbine grinding machine.The advantages of turbine-powered air tools over vane motor tools include high-speed no-wear parts, low air consumption at idling speeds, lighter weight, instant load achievement and a low noise level, Janse van Rensburg explains.Vane motor air tools are more suited to smaller applications as a result of the smaller motor diameter.

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