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Motor madness in Greenwood

Ford Motor backs Thailand over Indonesia, for now, breathy voice of Eryka Badu's "Window Seat" wafts past you pushed out by huge outdoor speakers. The heat, almost unbearable, is an accepted part of the event's atmosphere. Attractive women of all shapes and sizes in all styles of dress float past the admiring and appreciative gazes of men young and old. Sunshine, blue sky, ninety degree weather, and cars as far as the eyes can see announce that it is time again for the annual car and bike show hosted by the Black Cats Motorcycle  Club. Nestled between the waning days of spring and the coming days of summer madness, the weekend event held at the Greenwood County Fairgrounds is a must see experience for the car or motorcycle enthusiast.

To call it a car and bike show is an understatement.  That might be what it was meant to be thirty-nine years ago when the idea was first conceived, but what the Black Cats Motorcycle Club has done today is take a microcosmic piece of all that's good about the African American community put it in a sleek, black, big body Mercedez sitting on twenty-sixes and put it on parade for the world to see.

The show has an obvious and tangible feel of brotherhood about it. Whether talking to "Butta" one of the attractive camouflaged fatigue wearing bikers of the Fearless Divas of Spartanburg, SC or listening to Greenwood cyclist Tracy Cheatham the phrase heard over and over gain spoke about "showing  love and giving back to the community."

There were anywhere from fifty to one hundred motorcycle and social clubs in attendance. Add to that number the thousands who came just to have a good time and to look at some of the most fantastic and imaginative restoration and paint jobs anywhere on the planet, and you know this event is a force to contend with.

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