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New ServoTube Linear Motor Demonstration Added to Dunkermotor

A new three minute video on the Dunkermotor website lets design engineers visualize the application potential for tubular linear servo motors Designed for high speed and acceleration actuator applications,the Dunkermotor ServoTube linear motors employ solid state sensing to provide encoderless position information with repeatability of 12 microns about one-eighth the diameter of a human hair and speeds up to 250 inches per second.

Traditional electromechanical linear drives can be slow noisy or inaccurate and pneumatic or hydraulic linear actuators can introduce possible contamination while providing less than optimum position and speed control.Direct drive linear electric motors on the other hand have tended to be expensive difficult to install or less than ideal in applications where temperature hygiene noise or low maintenance are important.There are essentially three types of linear motor: flat-bed U-channel and tubular.The flat-bed delivers high force but suffers from cogging which limits the smoothness of motion and creates velocity ripple.The U-channel eliminates cogging but is thermally inefficient as its heat generating coils are enclosed in magnets.By design the Dunkermotor ServoTube linear motor eliminates these issues.

Motor City Comic Con kicks off Friday
.The stainless steel rod is filled with rare-earth magnets placed end to end.The forcer incorporates a series of coils connected as three phase windings,which generate linear force when excited.This design balances the magnetic forces for smooth,cogging-free motion while the forcer coils have a built-in heatsink and wrap around the magnets for optimal heat dissipation and use of the magnetic field.

The easy-to-use form factor of the ServoTube linear motor coupled with its highly cost-effective internal feedback now brings the high performance and mechanical simplicity of linear motors to mainstream industrial applications.

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