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Geely fits 6 speed gearbox to Englon SC7

The Englon range of cars was set to be Geely’s low end affordable range, but now it seems that its going to be receiving a technology infusion in the form of DSI’s 6 speed automatic transmission. DSI are an Australian gearbox manufacturer that fell under Geely’ Cylindrical Roller Bearings enhance turbine gearbox reliability, at the time DSI were focused on developing gearboxes for use in high torque application, basically American full size trucks and Australian V6 and V8 sedans, of course big displacement is not the future and DSI began work on smaller torque gearboxes for Geely’s use.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings enhance turbine gearbox reliability

New SKF Separable High-Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings introduce advanced technology solutions to support high-speed shafts and high-speed intermediate shafts in wind turbine gearboxes. These robust bearings have been uniquely designed to achieve higher load-carrying capacity and eliminate risks of bike GEARBOX MOTOR smearing and adhesive wear in service. Full dimensional exchangeability with standard counterparts allows them to fit existing design envelopes whether for initial designs or replacement upgrades.

New Borderlands 2 gameplay details from Gearbox

Electric Powertrain Manufacturer Mission Motors Nets $9 Million, Borderlands has really gave you some unique experience that you wouldn’t get in other shooter titles. I mean, just by the look of it, you know there is something different you can get from the game.

Electric Powertrain Manufacturer Mission Motors Nets $9 Million

Knowing Manual And Automatic Gearboxes, a manufacturer of electric powertrains that go in electric cars and motorcycles, announced today that it has raised $9 million in its second round of funding.Mission Motors makes powertrains, which are the drive units for electric cars that include a battery, charging system, inverter, motor, gearbox and associated software. The company then sells those powertrains to original equipment manufacturers like car and bike manufacturers.It has released some prototypes bikes like the Mission R, which set track speed records for electric bikes.

Knowing Manual And Automatic Gearboxes

There are some drivers who like to use the automatic ge. But a solution to this is a hybrid set up that can switch between manual and automatic. You’ll feel that you have more control of the car when you are driving than you would with an automatic gearbox. A manual gearbox will make a smaller car feel more powerful. Also, an engine that is less than 2 liters will go much faster. Your car will consume less gas, last longer, and be more dependable. Because automatic gear boxes have more parts, they are more susceptible to wear and tear. When an automatic gearbox does break down, it can be very costly to repair. New Gearbox Will Allow Future Fiskers To Offer Veyron-Like Performanc, get a manual gearbox.

New Gearbox Will Allow Future Fiskers To Offer Veyron-Like Performance

Because of their high instantaneous torque most electric cars currently in production , but in the future we may start to see more gears installed in the Test proves today's Mustang true to its origins ;ve seen Tesla unsuccessfully attempt to install a two-speed motor in its first batch of Roadster models, and Porsche has also announced that it’s looking at using its PDK dual clutch transmissions in electric cars to encourage drivers to rev their electric motors like in a conventional combustion engined car.

Test proves today's Mustang true to its origins

It's no secret in the world of automotive marketing that nostalgia sells cars to babyboomers. Very few of us could afford more than an issue of our favourite car magazine let alone a real-life dream machine.Unfortunately the years have not been kind to the ranks of American high performance cars. No more Barracudas,gear reducer motor, Chargers and Challengers. What did survive would be almost comical if their performance were not so sad.But some car designers of today were the kid at the desk next to you in school, drawing cars in the margins of their workbooks. And they remember when a car could make you hold your breath when it rumbled past.

Helical Gearboxes Uplift Prospects for Gearbox and Geared Motor Market: F&S

The Indian gearboxes and geared motors market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 17.3 percent over 2010-11 to 2017-18. India’s GDP growth of 8 to 9 per cent and continued government’s thrust on infrastructure and urban development projects are expected to translate to a high growth in the end user industries Including metals and mining, cement, power, water supply, and wastewater treatment.

Loss of fourth gear cost Ambrose at Indy for the Brickyard 400

The famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway didn't smile on Marcos Ambrose today, as a broken fourth gear curtailed his charge to the front in the Brickyard 400.Despite a swift gearbox change by the Stanley Tools crew, Ambrose lost three laps on the leaders to finish in 34th position, with the result leaving him 22nd in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series points standings.It's a shame we had the gearbox problem, we had overcome some earlier problems to put ourselves back into contention,and I think we would have had something for them at the finish.We'll bounce back from this,Gearbox problem causes Manannan delays Pocono next week will be a good track for us, and I can't wait to get out there."



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