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Speedway has fast start

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway is experiencing a dramatic uptick in ticket sales,Kinetic to manufacture new gearboxes.Seat renewal sales for September's Sylvania 300 race are up 19 percent over this time last year, with sales for the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 in July up 4 percent, according to the release."We haven't seen this level of sales activity this early in quite some time said Jerry Gappens, the speedway's vice president and general manager.Our fans and our families have been struggling for quite a while in this economy," he said.

Kinetic to manufacture new gearboxes

"We have two very important programmes which are ready to role out. We have finished the developments in the last 18 months," Sulajja Firodia Motwani, vice chairperson, Kinetic Engineering, told IANS

Sidi’s contribution to Motor Sports recognised. It's a new platform which will be launched. And a second new completely assembled gearbox for Mahindra Navistar trucks which will roll out in the next two-three months," Motwani said on the sidelines of a FICCI event. The company did not divulge the investments made for the products, but said existing facilities and synergies were utilised in developing the new offerings.According to Motwani, the company is focusing on bring in new technologies in the powertrain and transmission segments in the next few months because the Indian markets is changing. "Our focus is on the transmission (segment) and we do hope to bring out new technologies in this areas. And in the next few months you may see some new announcement." Bullish on the Indian automobile market, she said, "Indian auto industry remains a very attractive markets for us. We mainly serve segments like two wheelers, three wheelers and commercial vehicles which are growing quite well."

Sidi’s contribution to Motor Sports recognised

The Government recognised Abdul Sidi for his contribution to Motor Sports after he was presented with meritorious award at the Annual Motor Sports Awards presentation ceremony organised by the Kenya Motor Sports Federation at the weekend.This was the second year running for Sidi to be presented with the same trophy.

UMW Toyota Motor, Rimbunan Hijau Auto Services unveil new Avanza

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd and Rimbunan Hijau Auto Services Sdn Bhd being authorised dealers of Toyota’s range of vehicles unveiled the all-new Avanza yesterday.Following the successes of the previous Avanza models, this newly improvised 2012 Avanza model exudes a new sporty design, redesigned interiors and many state of the art features.

Little Engines of Creativity, Spinning Freely in the Motor City

Green Compacts to Take Center Stage at Detroit Motor Show, Sharon Robinson escorted a guest toward paintings hanging on the high walls of the Cass Cafe, a venerable eatery near Wayne State University popular with students, poets and visual artists. The cafe is about three miles from Cobo Center, the site of the North American International Auto Show, where press previews officially begin on Monday.

Green Compacts to Take Center Stage at Detroit Motor Show

The North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Motor Show, will open on Monday at Cobo Center in the heart of Motown. Small, environmentally-friendly cars are expected to take center stage with GM showcasing a new 1,400 cc compact that was developed in Korea and Toyota unveiling a small hybrid passenger car.

Thrusty and torquey Jeep Compass

There we were,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa refers motor registration scam to NAB, braced for the worst the world’s currently idiosyncratic weather systems could throw at us. We feared another snow-induced Christmas and New Year lock-down, even though, in the considered opinion of Met Office experts, it was never a runner this time round. But did we believe them? Sadly, I fear not, as there’s not much we can truly believe in with any degree of confidence today, in this little beleaguered country of ours. However, in fairness, the often much maligned weather lads and lassies were spot on and, it turns out that, as they correctly predicted, we have just experienced one of the mildest Christmas and New Year periods on record.



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