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Driver and Vehicle Services stops unauthorized use of motor vehicle records

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services has detected and stopped unauthorized access of motor vehicle records that may affect approximately 3,700 Minnesotans. The illegal access was discovered during a DVS internal audit.A preliminary investigation by DVS does not indicate that the data was used for criminal purposes; however, the agency is sending letters to affected individuals to make them aware of the unauthorized access and to recommend that they consider monitoring their credit reports.

Earnings Preview: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is scheduled to release its first quarter operating results before the opening bell on April 27. Auto sales in the United States have been relatively strong through the first three months of the year, with Ford's year to date sales being up 8.6% over the first three months of 2011. The good news has continued to flow for Ford as earlier this week, Fitch increased its debt rating to BBB- from BB+, again making it investment grade.

Lamborghini Urus Concept at the Beijing Motor Show

At the Beijing Motor Show today, Lamborghini introduced the four-door, four-seat Urus concept,an SUV that the automaker is likely to market within the next few years. Though the concept's formal unveiling is in Beijing, Cars.com got a peek last month at a top-secret preview in New York City where invitees were required to surrender all cameras and cellphones and, just to be sure, submit to metal detectors and wanding.

Roseman looking for high motor DL

It took about 30 minutes into an hour-long interview for Howie Roseman to use the term high motor.Its a draft phrase often used to describe relentless defensive linemen, but it’s become shorthand for some who mock the Eagles selecting of prospects labeled as such that have ultimately failed to produce Roseman,during a pre-draft sit down with reporters on Thursday, listed a number of tweaks the Eagles have made this off-season to their evaluation process.

Motor City slowly becomes bicycle friendly

There is nothing quite like a warm spring or summer day on a bicycle. You can really learn a place well traveling by bike. It is a better way to see people, learn the streets and discover things you wouldn’t be able to from a car.Biking in a huge city like Detroit which by area could fit Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco within its borders has its advantages and drawbacks.

The Fireworks At Texas Motor Speedway

I didn't like NASCAR much growing up. Oh, I was a huge race fan, all right but of the outlaw short tracks with their lightning-action 10-lap heats and 30-lap features on half-mile tracks. Wham, bam, in 10 to 15 minutes,flag to flag, you had a winner.Each race was a sprint, not a marathon. The beginning and the end came back-to-back. No middle stages for reasons not at all clear to me,except just to be able to say they'd run a long way.

Emotional issues may follow motor problems in kids

A new study suggests the way kids with severe coordination problems see themselves may influence their emotional wellbeing later in life.Coordination issues sometimes diagnosed as developmental coordination disorder prevent people from accomplishing everyday tasks,such as using scissors or buttoning their shirts.The disorder can lead to frustration at school,at home and on the playground.Traditionally it was believed that children would outgrow any motor problems but there is now much evidence that these difficulties may continue into adolescence and beyond wrote Daniela Rigoli,the study's lead author and a researcher at Curtin University in Western Australia,in an email.

Air motors better suited for tools

Truro Motor Club hold charity treasure hunt, on June 1, introduce a new range of hand-held tools that make use of turbo air motors, which are better suited as a drive for standard air tools than electric motors.An air motor has a high-performance density, which is only about one-fifth of the mass and one-third of the size of an electric motor.



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