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Motor Citys master plan

THE men charged with shaping the Red Wings will meet for three days starting today to discuss how to improve the team for the campaign.General manager Ken Holland, assistant general manager Jim Nill, senior vice president Jimmy Devellano, salary cap-ologist Ryan Martin head coach Mike Babcock scouts, including Mark Howe and former players-turned-advisers like Chris Chelios and Kris Draper will gather to have a conversation about our team,as Holland put it.We're going to rate our players, we're going to discuss our young players, we're going to look at options.

Companies team up to complete design change on massive motor

Local rotating electrical equipment repairer Marthinusen  Coutts in March completed the repair and design change of a 28 MW Jeumont Schneider synchronous motor for steel products manufacturer ArcelorMittal South Africa’s Saldanha Steel plant, in the Western Cape.The motor incorporates an 18 t stator, which is 3 m in diameter, making it one of the largest nonpower-generating stators ever repaired in South Africa and by the company states.M&C marketing executive Mike Chamberlain says Saldanha Steel was experiencing repeated failures on the exciter of the motor.

Songbirds Learning Processes Give Insight Into Motor Control

New ServoTube Linear Motor Demonstration Added to Dunkermotor, singing over and over while making subtle corrections. The male Bengalese finch begins this process at around 40 days old, and finishes around day 90, just as they reach sexual maturity.

New ServoTube Linear Motor Demonstration Added to Dunkermotor

A new three minute video on the Dunkermotor website lets design engineers visualize the application potential for tubular linear servo motors Designed for high speed and acceleration actuator applications,the Dunkermotor ServoTube linear motors employ solid state sensing to provide encoderless position information with repeatability of 12 microns about one-eighth the diameter of a human hair and speeds up to 250 inches per second.

Motor City Comic Con kicks off Friday

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy We must be cautious.That line was first used to describe the Mos Eisely spaceport in 1977’s Star Wars which was later given the subtitle A New Hope and classified as episode four.It also has been used in jocular tones to describe comic conventions such as the 23rd annual Motor City Comic Con,which kicks off at noon Friday at the Suburban Collection Showplace 46100 Grand River Ave.

Motor madness in Greenwood

Ford Motor backs Thailand over Indonesia, for now, breathy voice of Eryka Badu's "Window Seat" wafts past you pushed out by huge outdoor speakers. The heat, almost unbearable, is an accepted part of the event's atmosphere. Attractive women of all shapes and sizes in all styles of dress float past the admiring and appreciative gazes of men young and old. Sunshine, blue sky, ninety degree weather, and cars as far as the eyes can see announce that it is time again for the annual car and bike show hosted by the Black Cats Motorcycle  Club. Nestled between the waning days of spring and the coming days of summer madness, the weekend event held at the Greenwood County Fairgrounds is a must see experience for the car or motorcycle enthusiast.

Ford Motor backs Thailand over Indonesia, for now

More than 90 percent of Ford's production for the 10 countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations is in Thailand,where it formally opened a new,million manufacturing plant on Thursday. The U.S. auto maker has small operations in Vietnam and the Philippines.Everyone in Thailand is trying to operate at maximum capacity and beyond now because the demand in Thailand and across ASEAN for products is very high. All of the markets are running strong, Ford ASEAN President Peter Fleet told reporters in Bangkok.



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