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freewheeling of gearbox motor car

Decoupling.Get used to it it's a phrase you're going to read with increasing frequency over the coming years.Decoupling is a simple concept quite simply disengaging the gearbox input from the motor and allowing a car to coast without the interia of GEARBOX MOTOR.It's nothing new, our ancestors spent endless hours coasting their early motor vehicles down slopes in an effort to reduce fuel consumption,but it does have a marked effect on efficiency.I've just spent a week decoupling in a new Boxster and I bloody hated it.

Zhengke Electromotor might have big plans for the Wii U

One of Nintendos main tasks in the current console race is going to be securing developer support for their upcoming home console, the Wii U. Nintendo has had a difficult time with 3rd party support ever since last generations Gamecube, which was said to be too difficult for some developers to master.This generation saw the Wii, which may have been a huge seller,but was significantly weaker than both Sony and Microsofts machines. However,things may change with the Wii U,as several developers are reportedly supporting Nintendos upcoming system.

The challenge is finding way into the motor market where there are good deals

Department of Motor Vehicles launches customer survey. The economic climate contributes to the abundant inventory in a lot of ways. Consumers are finding it difficult to make payments or simply deciding that their motor home isn't an important asset to keep. RV Dealerships are going out of business. The government is reducing the inventory they use for temporary housing.

Department of Motor Vehicles launches customer survey

What services would you like to see at the DMV of the future The Department of Motor Vehicles poses this question with the launch of a new customer-service survey on its website. The new survey available online through July 15  is part of the department's “DMV Vision 2015” initiative that ties into the 100th anniversary of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Customer ideas will be incorporated into the department's strategic plan as a living document that brings a fresh, innovative approach to how the agency conducts business.

Motor industry faces some bleak months ahead

A downward correction in new vehicle sales with some months of negative year-on-year sales growth is on the cards, according to AltX-listed RGT Smart Market Intelligence.Paul de Vantier, the chief executive of the business intelligence and decision support company born out of the automotive sector, said last week that growth would taper off.De Vantier forecast growth in sales of about 6 percent for this year. He said the motor industry had just been powering on but there had to be a slowdown.But De Vantier said the new vehicle market would still end the year up on last year by about 6 percent to 7 percent.



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