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Gears And Gearboxes

Whether you need new gears and gearboxes or require repair/rebuild, you can count on Motor Gear and Engineering. As a Master Distributor for Siemens/Flender and other manufacturers we offer a wide selection of the new equipment you need to keep your production up and running. And our staff of Professional Engineers provide in-house design and certification of gearing layouts.

Get slick in the city with a new automatic gearbox for the VW

The Volkswagen up!the worlds most enthusiastically punctuated car now has a nifty new gearbox available, the automated manual.It is available as an option now for an additional £595 on three and five-door variants. This means you can have this box from £9,675 for the three-door version.

freewheeling of gearbox motor car

Decoupling.Get used to it it's a phrase you're going to read with increasing frequency over the coming years.Decoupling is a simple concept quite simply disengaging the gearbox input from the motor and allowing a car to coast without the interia of GEARBOX MOTOR.It's nothing new, our ancestors spent endless hours coasting their early motor vehicles down slopes in an effort to reduce fuel consumption,but it does have a marked effect on efficiency.I've just spent a week decoupling in a new Boxster and I bloody hated it.

Zhengke Electromotor might have big plans for the Wii U

One of Nintendos main tasks in the current console race is going to be securing developer support for their upcoming home console, the Wii U. Nintendo has had a difficult time with 3rd party support ever since last generations Gamecube, which was said to be too difficult for some developers to master.This generation saw the Wii, which may have been a huge seller,but was significantly weaker than both Sony and Microsofts machines. However,things may change with the Wii U,as several developers are reportedly supporting Nintendos upcoming system.

Motor industry faces some bleak months ahead

A downward correction in new vehicle sales with some months of negative year-on-year sales growth is on the cards, according to AltX-listed RGT Smart Market Intelligence.Paul de Vantier, the chief executive of the business intelligence and decision support company born out of the automotive sector, said last week that growth would taper off.De Vantier forecast growth in sales of about 6 percent for this year. He said the motor industry had just been powering on but there had to be a slowdown.But De Vantier said the new vehicle market would still end the year up on last year by about 6 percent to 7 percent.

Motor vehicle offices face fixing thousands of records

It is thousands of records rejected by the new motor vehicle system and the painstaking process of identifying and entering them into computers thats keeping those wait times to sometimes hours.Kansas Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite addressed Shawnee County Commissioners today about the long list of variables in what some might describe as a complex computer system upgrade gone wrong.

Electric Motor Which Makes The Working Of The Electrical More Efficient

China is now a developed country and it is still developing in terms of the technology. With the change of the time we have notices a drastic development in the field of technology. With each passing day, it keeps on changing and improving so as to cater the best to us. Previously, everything was done manually but now in this advanced era, we have numerous machineries and equipments to solve each of our problems.

MOTOR RACING: Irwindale to hold open stock car practices

Maldonado set to get gearbox penalty, which owns the property,have agreed to offer open practice sessions for stock cars starting June 29. Open sessions also will be held every Friday in July.We're sending a clear message to racers out there that we want to bring racing back said Team 221 CEO Jim Cohan,whose L.A. Racing Experience operates at the track.We want to let them get the cobwebs out.

Maldonado set to get gearbox penalty

Pastor Maldonado looks set to start the Monaco Grand Prix from the back of the grid,with his Williams team planning to change his gearbox before the race.

Motor racing-Button struggles to get in gear
,who won from pole position in Spain a fortnight ago,had been scheduled to start 19th on the grid due in part to a 10-place grid penalty he was given for causing a collision with Sergio Perez in final free practice.But following examination of his car by Williams after qualifying, it was found that there was a problem with his gearbox - perhaps as the result of a crash in final practice that means he will face a further five place drop.

Main Gearbox Oil Pressure Slips to Zero

Efforts then shifted to recovering the helicopter with as little damage as possible so that the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch could do its work. According to an AAIB special bulletin released on May 13, the event began for the crew when the main-gearbox oil-pressure gauge indicated zero along with other warnings. The gearbox oil temperature started to increase.



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