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Ø38mm/BLDC-38S Series
Products Details:
BLDC-38S Series
Basic infos:
DC Brushless Motor
Voltage: 12VDC~24VDC
Speed: 3000RPM~6000RPM

Advantages BLDC Motor
Low Noise ≤35Db
Long service life ≥50,000 hours

Special advanced functions Zhengke provides:
Driver integrated inside the motor.
(Normally you need buy an extra driver for operating brushless motor which may cost you double price as much as the motor does.
Zhengke CAN provide you an economical and convenient solution by intergrating driver inside the motor, the BLDC motor can be directly connected to DC Powersupply like those universal dc motor does.)

CW/CCW optional
(The default design of BLDC-38S has 3 poles, which enable the motor runs bi-directionally.)

Potentiometer for speed controlling optional
(Based on 3 poles design,We can also provide 6 poles design, the extra 3 poles enable the function of speed-adjustment.)

Download the specification:

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